Potato Review

Take Control of Calcium with YaraLiva ™ TROPICOTE ™ Join Yara Rewards Search Yara Rewards or scan QR code below For more information call 01472 889 250 or contact Tom DeCamp 07831 282096 tom.decamp@yara.com www.yara.co.uk Join Yara Rewards Rewarding farmer loyalty. Earn points with fertilizer purchases to buy gifts. Use code POTATO50 and we’ll give you 50 points to get you started. Improve skin finish - addition of calcium promotes strong cell walls. Resist bacterial soft rot invasion to improve tuber cell wall calcium pectate content. Avoid internal rust spot, a recognised calcium deficiency disorder. Yara Liva ™ TROPICOTE ™ • Reduces internal rust spot • Improves skin nish • Reduces internal bruising • High calcium solubility

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