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CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai 25 TRAINING This apprenticeship provides the answer, offering a balance of on-the-job assessments and technical training which covers all aspects of the industry. The training programme is delivered on the apprentice’s company site and through classroom and/or online learning sessions. It can take up to 36 months to complete. A fresh start The apprenticeship isn’t just for school leavers, either. The programme presents an ideal way for someone to get into a different industry if they are looking for a new challenge. In the anniversary interview with Roger Woodward, George Belfield, who was born the same year the BCIA was formed, explained how becoming a BMS engineer provided the “technical challenge” he was looking for after working for a local council. He also emphasised how the BCIA’s courses helped on his new career path, saying: “Having those courses as a start point provides a fantastic grounding in BMS and helps you get the most out of your work experiences as well.” Career changes are becoming more and more common and the lockdown periods in the last two years have even forced many people who have suddenly found themselves out of work to look for a fresh start. Positive signs There are positive early signs that the apprenticeship will be a tremendous success. The first two programmes began before Christmas and were fully booked up and the third cohort recently got underway. The feedback has so far been very good, and some of the apprentices have described their early experiences on the programme. Jake Jarram of BC Specialists said: “I have been very impressed with how well structured the modules are. The lecturer is very experienced and skilled in the industry, showing a very positive outlook on HVAC and is very keen to pass on their knowledge. When working day-to-day for BCS I have developed a great variety of skills which are invaluable to someone of my age, working in various places and contributing towards the completion of the project/maintenance. I am looking forward to my future in the building controls industry.” Zach Stanley of Kendra Energy said: “I was thoroughly impressed in how much help and education I was actually getting, and how we are getting our modules taught to us in blocks in order for us to better familiarise ourselves with everything and we are able to apply it in the workplace on a daily basis. I find that helps a lot more because I need to go over things many times before it actually sinks in. All in all, I am very happy to have chosen this industry and I am excited to see what happens in the future.” On successful completion of the programme, individuals will receive a BEMS controls engineer apprenticeship at level 4. In addition, on completion of specific BCIA technical course modules individuals will receive the BCIA technical certificate and the BCIA advanced technical certificate. Individuals will also be eligible to apply for an Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) building controls card at associate or integrator level (depending on their level of experience). @climalife FIND US ON: The low GWP refrigerant specialist! IDS Refrigeration Limited The expert in eco-efficient solutions to service the industry 0117 980 2520 Qp Climalife.indd 1 15/03/2022 11:1 2

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