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The Innovation Zone April 2022 | May 2022 PRODUCTS & SERVICES 30 Volume 8 No.3 he guid to what’s new for ACR Journal readers, offering vital industry news. To advertise your product in ‘The Innovation Zone’ section please contact GEL-CLEAR LAUNCH FIRST NON-HAZARDOUS DRAIN CLEANER Gel-clear are proud to launch the industry’s first non- hazardous drain cleaner for HVACR condensate drains. A safe alternative to acid/alkaline/caustic cleaners, it is formulated to kill biofilm forming bacteria in the overground condensate drains while cleaning and unblocking drains. Condensate drains beneath the cabinet have always escaped the reach of conventional drain cleaning methods, all too often engineers will use caustic/acid/ alkaline based drain cleaners as a last resort, and at risk to both themselves and the equipment they work on. The need for an appropriate drain cleaner has been apparent for many years. Industry legislation highlights the risks of personal injury and damage to appliances using acid, recommending it only ever to be used to remove limescale accumulations on EXTERNAL drains. (BSEB12056) An overground blocked condensate drain full of acid cleaner creates bigger problems than a blocked drain! The BRA have always accepted that the overground condensate drains beneath the cabinet to be the remit of the refrigeration contractor, and as such, the launch of a user friendly, food safe cleaner is a big step forward in cabinet PPM and reactive maintenance alike. Gel-clear have led the way for HVACR condensate drainage in food retail, developing and UK manufacturing both chemical, and physical award winning products to improve condensate drain e ciency. For more information, visit https:// foaming-condensate-drain-cleaner/ Or watch the video at video/676761672?h=c226cb78e5 STUDY SHOWS IMPORTANCE OF HUMIDITY ALONGSIDE VENTILATION A recently published study from the University of Oregon has demonstrated the e ectiveness of ventilation, filtration and humidity to minimise airborne SARS-CoV-2 viral particles. For three days each, 11 COVID positive subjects undertook di erent activities in an environmentally controlled chamber. Levels of ventilation, air filtration and humidity were varied across the study period and the quantity of viral particles monitored in the air and on surfaces. The researchers found that increasing ventilation and filtration significantly reduced the amount of SARS-CoV-2 viral particles in both the air and on surfaces. When humidity was increased, viral particles in the air reduced by half and caused an increase in viral particles on surfaces. Tony Fleming, pictured, head of sales cluster northern Europe at Condair, commented: “This research is really significant as it’s the first study to demonstrate how air treatment strategies can impact the airborne transmission of COVID in a physical setting, rather than by computer modelling. The results justify the emphasis placed on increased ventilation by the authorities but it also highlights the need to humidify our public buildings. O cial advice on humidification has been greatly lacking. The recently updated Part F of Building Regs totally ignored the issue of low indoor humidity and the health benefits of maintaining a mid-range 40-60%RH. “The fact that increasing room humidity in this study resulted in 50% less airborne viral particles and increased levels on surfaces, shows that humidity plays a major role in determining how long viral particles remain airborne. Dry air causes an increased “float time” for the aerosols we all release. The study also concluded that the amount of viral particles in the air was not very di erent at 4ft (1.2m) from the infected subjects to 11ft (3.3m) from the subjects. VIEGA OPENS NEW LONDON EXHIBITION SPACE Viega has opened the doors to its ‘LONDON’ space in the Building Centre, providing a central location for showcasing products and interacting directly with visitors. In the heart of the capital, architects, designers, engineers and installers alike, can now view the company’s innovative portfolio o ering of Profipress, Megapress, Viega Smartpress, Sanpress Inox, flush plates and Prevista, Viega’s latest generation of water compliant cisterns; providing visitors with a much more tactile understanding of what they are capable of. The space can also accommodate live demonstrations and video content of the Viega products in action, as well as hosting customer events. Commenting on the opening of the Viega LONDON space is Scott James, managing director at Viega Ltd: “Our presence in the UK has been growing for a number of years now. As such, we felt that a central London location for our customers was needed. Visitors will be able to drop-in when they like, or alternatively, arrange a meeting with a member of the Viega team to discuss projects and identify which solutions can benefit them. “Viega LONDON marks just one area of a much larger investment strategy for Viega UK, which we are rolling out over the course of the year. We’re looking forward to announcing further enhancements and additions and how these will greatly benefit our customers.” To arrange an appointment at the new Viega LONDON space, please email:

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