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April 2022 | May 2022 NEWS 06 Volume 8 No.3 Coolair Equipment secures IP rights Air conditioning specialist Coolair Equipment Limited has won a four- year legal battle to secure the rights to the ‘Coolair’ name. As a result, it has been granted UK trademarks for the name ‘Coolair’ and the blue logo featuring the phrase: ‘Coolair: Your Comfort Zone.’ The company, headquartered in Manchester, with o ces in the Midlands and Maidstone, say the move is part of a broader strategy to cement their reputation and remove confusion from the marketplace. John Otterson, managing director of Coolair Equipment Limited, said: “Over the last 40 years, Coolair Equipment Limited has built up a solid reputation of which we are incredibly proud, and we wholeheartedly welcome the decision by the Intellectual Property O ce to recognise our claim. “In recent times, we have experienced confusion in the marketplace because of companies trading using the Coolair name. The granting of the trademark is the first step in clearing up this confusion and protecting our reputation, our sta and our customers for many years to come.” SBS SUSPENDS GAS RENTAL CHARGES FOR 2022 Wholesale group Smith Brothers says it is supporting customers at a time of rising costs by suspending gas cylinder rental charges throughout 2022. SBS says that eliminating the charges will not only save customers money, but will also significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to process what can often be a large volume of low value invoices. A lost cylinder charge will still apply to cylinders not returned after a 12-month period, although customers will be given plenty of notice to return any overdue cylinders. ASDA chooses CIAT for rooftop cooling programme Supermarket chain ASDA is installing CIAT Vectios packaged rooftop cooling units as part of a rolling programme of equipment replacement across its UK estate. The units, supplied by CIAT distributor Cool Designs Ltd, o er energy e ciency exceeding the latest EU Ecodesign requirements for seasonal e ciency (SEER > 3.53 and SCOP >3.20), and delivering up to 37% energy savings compared with EU Tier 1 e ciency requirements. Vectios units consist of an autonomous, horizontal rooftop package, based on tandem-scroll hermetic compressors for quiet operation and reliability. Sited on a store's rooftop, the units connect directly to the building's air distribution ductwork without the need for additional components, pipes or cables, freeing up valuable ground space. This design reduces the cost of installation and enables quick and easy connection by the installer. The units specified by ASDA have two refrigeration circuits, providing a high-level of resilience. In the unlikely event of a failure in one circuit, units can continue to deliver cooling via the second circuit. One of the keys to the unit's energy e ciency is its high floating pressure control strategy, which allows the condensing pressure set-point to vary according to outdoor temperature. This is regulated by adjusting air flow rates on the outdoor fans. A free-cooling mode allows Vectios to make use of outdoor air conditions when they are favourable. This allows mechanical cooling capacity to be reduced with 'free' cooling that can be harnessed from the environment, with the percentage of outdoor air introduced varying between 0 and 100% Howden to deliver mine cooling solution Glasgow-based Howden has secured a contract to supply a mine cooling system for OZ Minerals in South Australia. The solution from the global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products will be for the complete mine cooling system. Howden’s equipment will ensure safe productive outcomes at depth and bring additional e ciencies to reduce environmental impact for current and future carbon footprint compliance. Howden will focus on sustainability and the solution will include closed circuitry on both condenser and evaporator circuits and R717 (ammonia) compressors which emit no harmful CO2 or HFCs. The system consumes no water, using the ambient air as the cooling medium and Howden will supply chillers, air cooled condensers, bulk air coolers, pumps, electronic controls and hydraulic design. Camille Levy, president of Howden APAC, said: “Howden works in partnership with customers to create solutions for their needs which are of the highest functionality, while supporting their net zero targets. This project is no exception. Our unique combination of manufacturing excellence, technical and project deliverables, and our global experience, also contributes to the reduction of carbon impact of operations.” The use of Howden refrigeration screw compressor technology coupled with first class OEM suppliers of condenser coolers and bulk air coolers were other supporting factors in the successful o er, which will be delivered by the Howden team in China.

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