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CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai 19 TOOLS TALK – SPONSORED BY Volume 9 No.3 One sensor – One tool! Electronic leak detectors have been used in the industry for many years and are a reliable way of pinpointing leaks. Standard refrigerant leak detectors are not suitable for use with Hydrocarbons, and a hydrocarbon leak detector is not suitable for use with the common everyday halogenated refrigerants. This unfortunately results in the contractor having to carry two separate (and sometimes costly) leak detectors. Innovation from BOSCH This innovative tool straight out of the BOSCH factory focusses on the fact that engineers now need the flexibility to detect leaks from both traditional refrigerants as well as Hydrocarbons. Following on from last month’s TOOL TALK about the BOSCH RG-4.0 recovery machine, and the increased use of Hydrocarbons in the cooling industry – we would like to introduce you to the BOSCH CS LD 1.0 leak detector. The CS LD 1.0 detects standard refrigerants, A2L refrigerants, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia, and Tracer gas – and has rightly earned the strap line “one sensor – one tool”! Saving time and expense The CS LD 1.0 features an LCD display with two di erent modes: • SCANNING MODE – indicates the leak size • PINPOINT MODE – allows the user to see the exact point that the leak is detected SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (L x W x H) 218 x 83 x 51 mm Probe Length 413 mm Weight 452 grams Sensor Life Approximately 5 years under normal usage Warm Up Time Normally 20-30 seconds (45 seconds MAX) Ultimate Sensitivity < 1 g/yr Power Supply Li-Ion rechargeable cell Battery Life (per charge) 8 hours Recharge time ≤ 3 hours Operating Temperature & Humidity -20°C to 50°C - 95% RH MAX IP Rating IP IP51 TEST RESULTS R-134a R-1234yf R-290 Static lower detection limit (g/a)1 1 g/a 1 g/a 0.5 g/a Dynamic lower detection limit (g/a)1 1 g/a 1 g/a 0.5 g/a Dynamic lower detection limit in a contaminated environment (g/a) 1 12 g/a 10 g/a 4 g/a Response time (s) 1 0.5 sec 0.5 sec 0.5 sec Zeroing time (s) 2, 3 - - - Recovery time (s) 2 14 sec 10 sec 6 sec The CS LD 1.0 boasts a sensitivity for standard refrigerants of less than 1gr/yr – this makes it one of the most sensitive and accurate leak detectors on the market. The Bosch CS LD 1.0 is available from leading wholesalers and is backed by a UK-based Service Centre. See more… bosch-cs-ld-1-0-leak-detector/ or contact our sales team on

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