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CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai 31 REFRIGERANTS dust, debris grease and other pollutants. Unrestricted airflow is critical to optimise the operating temperature and cooling e ciency, reduce wear on the system and increase its lifespan. Don’t forget the outdoor unit condenser coils! Ensuring the outdoor unit condenser coil is kept in good condition is also critical to optimum system e ciency and reliability. Reduction in air flow through the outdoor unit will rapidly cause the system to lose cooling performance and energy e ciency. Products such as Climalife’s Frionett Condenser Cleaner are specially formulated to remove outdoor pollutants from the external units of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and maintain system performance. Removing impurities from a secondary glycol system Corrosion and debris in a heat transfer fluid can also lead to poor performance and an example of this was seen in a case study situated in a pizza production operation in the UK. GEA Refrigeration UK Ltd, who maintain the pizza manufacturer's refrigeration plant, found poor performance in one of the chillers due to corrosion and debris in the heat transfer fluid. "It was essential that we completely removed the contaminated glycol from the secondary circuit, as well as any impurities, before we could refill with new heat transfer fluid. We were looking for powerful, easy-to-use cleaning products that would remove the residue from the system," said Je King, Head of Service at GEA Refrigeration UK in the Spalding region. We recommended the use of a product called Desoxyclean from Climalife, as a first step in removing surface corrosion, scale and sludge from the pipes. We then recommended a second product, Dispersant D, to remove all pollutants from the system. When used in conjunction with one another, the two products work e ectively to remove encrustations and dirt in a circuit. Prevention is better than cure We are all familiar with this saying and who wants an unexpected and costly repair bill were a system to su er a break down? It is very important to have a regular cleaning and maintenance programme in place for all HVACR systems. As an industry, we can help to improve energy e ciency with careful thought and planning on new equipment and employ some good practices relating to e ective cleaning and maintenance. It is our responsibility as individuals and as a collective industry to ensure we act in line with the legislation and take actions that support the movement towards lower GWP products and improving energy e ciency.

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