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09 NEWS THE NEW DATE FOR ONE OF THE HVAC'S FAVOURITE EVENTS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED - 20TH OF OCTOBER 2021. Juliet Loiselle, Publisher of ACR Journal and Heat Pumps Today explains "With the current roll-out of vaccines, the country is on track to have received final immunisations by September. With this in mind we felt it only right and proper to ensure safety first. Consequently, the date of our most popular awards evening has been moved to 20th of October 2021. "Our judging process is so rigorous, including a full day meeting with the judges, that to be fair to all entrants, we want to be sure we can still facilitate this. We also believe, by moving the date onwards, entrants can spend this valuable time focusing on their businesses and revisit the entrants process later in the summer. "We look forward to seeing you all again at the Midland Hotel, Manchester on the 20th of October" For further details contact or visit National ACR & Heat Pump Awards On 25 February, the IRC will be hosting a half-day online business briefing covering the questions raised following the UK's departure from the EU and how the industry is reacting to the new trading relationship with the block. The briefing will be an opportunity to hear from UK and international experts on how new solutions are being developed to solve some of the challenges facing the food and drink logistics industry serving UK and EU customers. The briefing will be partly dedicated to various aspects of refrigerated transport with Gérald Cavalier of Cemafroid covering the technologies currently underpinning the sector and future developments in the pipeline. This will be followed by a presentation from Cambridge Refrigeration Technology on the requirements of ATP and how the regulations can help to smooth the tra—c of goods between the UK and the EU. The science of food storage will be the focus of a presentation delivered by Judith Evans from the London South Bank opportunity which will explore the food spoilage mechanisms and how this a™ects perishable goods while also considering new ways to manage the process more e™ectively. One of the country's most vital and topical issues, vaccination transportation, will be covered by Philip Greening of Heriot Watt University. His talk on pharmaceutical transport and storage, including vaccines, will explain how the tight constraints on the temperature required for transportation of some pharmaceuticals are achieved. The presentation will also explore the options and consequences of shipping sensitive drugs through the new regime. Shane Brennan of the Cold Chain Federation will explain practical economic and legal hurdles faced by the industry and the additional requirements being imposed, and which further steps need to be taken to ease the situation. Challenges linked to current emission limits and the e™ect of maintaining a refrigerated vehicle at a temperature in a holding park will be at the centre of a talk delivered by Brian Robinson of Low CVP Partnership. 2021 10th LU-VE CLAIM A FIRST THREE TIMES At the end of 2020, LU-VE Group was amongst the very first companies to obtain Eurovent certification (No. 00.10.214) for CO2 unit coolers (thermal capacity, sound level and energy consumption), marketed under the brands LU-VE Exchangers and AIA LU-VE. In 2016, LU-VE was the first manufacturer for which Eurovent o—cially certified that their heat exchangers for refrigeration had never registered a single negative test during three di™erent test cycles (between 2011 and 2015). In 2000, LU-VE was the first company in Europe to obtain Eurovent's new “Certify All” certification, for all ranges of condensers, dry coolers and unit coolers.

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