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CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai 25 DISTRIBUTOR / WHOLESALER The online ordering facility is expected to be in place shortly via its website. It will not be available to the public, and the company has a rmed its commitment as a supplier to the trade, with full F-Gas compliance requirements covered in its online ordering and documentation process. Among recent equipment additions to CDL’s range are Carrier’s new XCT7 VRF system, giving customers a cost-competitive mid-tier option in this key sector, backed by Carrier’s build quality and innovation. The Carrier VRF o ers a combination of advanced features, including: an outdoor condenser with black-coated fin technology for enhanced corrosion resistance; anti- liquid shock protection for the compressor to reduce liquid shock; improved refrigerant distribution balance due to the centrifugal oil separator; and smooth supply of lubricant due to the 10-stage oil return technology. Systems can be customised to meet the requirements of a wide range of projects, with the possibility of combining up to four outdoor units with 64 indoor units per outdoor system. The addition of Carrier’s sister brand CIAT continues its success story for CDL, accounting for the company’s largest single order last year. This was for more than £1.5m-worth of CIAT Caleo heat pumps for use in Public Sector Decarbonisation projects in schools in Yorkshire. High-temperature Caleo heat pumps can generate hot water at up to 65degC, even when the external ambient temperature is as low as -12degC, making them ideal for use in UK conditions. With a Coe cient of Performance (CoP) of up to 4, the units come equipped with an intelligent programmer, enabling users to schedule di erent set-points and flowrates over a weekly cycle, useful for application in schools, and other public and commercial buildings with variable occupancy. The pioneering school decarbonisation project, operated by Yorkshire-based Abbey Multi-Academy Trust (Abbey MAT), involves the installation of 38 AquaCIAT TD300 air- source heat pumps in five schools as part of a £5million project, funded by the government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. It is anticipated to help the schools cut their carbon emissions by more than 9,000 tonnes over the lifetime of the scheme and save some £84,000 a year in energy costs. The ability of CDL to secure this major order was assisted by the recently introduced stocking policy of Toshiba Carrier UK in relation to popular ranges of applied products, covering heat pumps, chillers, fans oils and air handling units. “Looking ahead, there are some exciting new products in the pipeline for later this year, including the new three-pipe heat recovery VRF from Toshiba. You can rely on Toshiba to take big strides when it launches a new generation of such a flag- ship product, and the small details we have heard to date are tantalising!” There are also new additions coming to the digital inverter range, which is being updated to operate on the recently upgraded Toshiba communication and controls network, although new units will be backward compatible. On the training front, the company continues to build both its highly regarded online and classroom-based modules for installers and consultants. The availability of online training proved to be extremely valuable during the pandemic restrictions, with high take-up across the UK. “It is unrealistic to expect 2022 to be completely smooth sailing with a return to full normality. However, we have taken a proactive approach, invested and put plans in place to further strengthen our support for customers. We will continue to work closely with them and our suppliers to ensure we have the products and the technical support they need to succeed in 2022, and beyond.” Darrel Birkett, founder and MD of CDL, with Toshiba's pioneering triple rotary compressor.

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