ACR Journal The guide to what’s new for ACR Journal readers, offering vital industry news. To advertise your product in ‘The Innovation Zone’ section please contact CLIMACIAT AHUS MEET NEW NHS STANDARDS CIAT's ClimaCIAT air handling units (AHUs) are fully compliant with the updated National Health Service (NHS) code of practice on ventilation in hospitals. The code is designed to ensure ventilation equipment installed in hospitals meets the demanding health and safety, environmental, reliability and resilience requirements of high-quality healthcare applications. One of the most important additions is the requirement to provide covered access for staff while servicing AHUs located outdoors on a rooftop or on the ground. CIAT developed a weatherproof enclosure made of galvanised steel that runs alongside the unit, providing complete protection from the elements during servicing work, and preventing dirt and moisture from entering the unit to minimise contamination risks. To reduce environmental impact, the guidance specifies that components, such as bypass dampers and related gears, must not be made of plastics. CIAT has developed alternative solutions made of steel that perform just as effectively without reliance on single-use plastics. In a further design refinement, CIAT has developed a drain pan made of stainless steel, which is easier to clean and helps maintain hygiene. The design also helps minimise the overall height of the unit. Effective management of condensate water is another focus of the guidance, in order to minimise the risk of legionella and other sources of contamination. To this end, drain pipework on ClimaCIAT units for hospitals is fitted with specialist glass (borosilicate) u-bends, enabling service staff to easily see any build-up of deposits by a quick visual inspection. FERNOX REVAMPS COMMERCIAL WATER TREATMENT RANGE Fernox has updated its range of commercial water treatment solutions. The new range provides heating engineers with the solutions to treat and protect commercial heating and cooling systems, in the quantities needed across the majority of jobs. Cleaner F3 10 litre This universal cleaner can be used for the pre-commission cleaning of new systems and has been specially formulated to remove flux residues, oil, grease and other installation debris, to maintain efficiency and avoid damage to system components. Protector F1 10 litre Once the system is cleaned, this high-performance water treatment product works to prevent corrosion and limescale formation in commercial heating and cooling systems. Thanks to its excellent pH buffering, this product ensures that the system water remains at the optimum pH, thereby preventing corrosion in mixed metal systems to ensure optimum efficiency. Protector F1 10 litre combines organic, anodic and cathodic corrosion protection for maximum effectiveness and to ensure system longevity. Leak Sealer F4 10 litre For a quick and easy fix for small, inaccessible leaks and weeps, Fernox has developed Leak Sealer F4 10 litre. Once dosed into the system, this internal leak sealer will find the area of oxygen ingress and form a polymer to seal the pinhole without causing blockages or restrictions on vulnerable system components such as pumps, air vents and safety devices. A leak can be quickly and efficiently sealed without the need for a complete system drain down, minimising time on site. Protector+ Filter Fluid F9 10 litre Designed for use with the Fernox commercial range of in-line system filters, Protector+ Filter Fluid F9 10 litre is a unique inhibitor and dispersant package that has been designed to provide premium protection against corrosion and scale to suspend and deliver circulating debris within the system to an in-line filter for safe collection and removal. SUB-FLOOR VENTILATION FROM HOMEVENT To combat the challenges associated with providing adequate ventilation in hard-to-naturally ventilate spaces below suspended ground floors, Homevent has launched its mechanical ventilation alternative. The MORI WMF Weatherproof Multi-Functional Sub-Floor Ventilation Fan is designed to control air moisture content, as well as radon gas, in sub-floor spaces. The health concerns associated with radon gas make effective ventilation critical, and even in areas where this is not an issue, high moisture content can decay timber – ultimately leading to extortionate remedial costs. For this reason, mechanical rather than natural ventilation is often required, especially when existing natural ventilation measures such as airbricks have become blocked over the years. The MORI WMF has been designed to specifically address the key challenges associated with sub-floor fans. It is fully weatherproof, which means it can be installed on the outside of the property, limiting maintenance to periodical inspection and cleaning from outside the home.

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