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CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai 09 TOOLS TALK – SPONSORED BY Volume 9 No.2 Have you got the right tools for the job? This e cient, well-designed and robust machine makes refrigerant recovery easier and safer, while boasting the sleek “BOSCH” branding. Its 1/2 HP 1700-1750 rpm (110V) / 1/2 HP 1400-1450 rpm (240V) motor ensures it always delivers the best performance anywhere. Future-proofing The use of Hydrocarbon refrigerants has increased over the years within the industry. These refrigerants (R600 and R290) have a much lower environmental impact than HFCs. There is also further evidence that these natural refrigerants o er better performance – and are more e cient at absorbing heat. The right tools for the job With the growing use of hydrocarbons in the refrigeration industry, it is important to ensure that the right equipment is being used when servicing and maintaining any equipment. There are very few options on the market for the safe recovery of hydrocarbons. The Bosch RG 4.0 is a refrigerant recovery machine which is suitable for recovering all HCFC, HFC, HFO refrigerants and is A2L compliant. The proof is in the certification! Being Bosch, the product development team were not content at stopping there. The Bosch RG 4.0 is also independently certified as being SAFE for USE with A3 refrigerants – which Luke Parry, Area Sales Manager and BOSCH expert at DiversiTech International, explains why the BOSCH RG-4.0 is the “must-have” recovery machine to own in your tool line-up for 2023. means just that – it’s safe to use with Hydrocarbons! (Certified by third party - latest RE- Certification. September 2022) The Bosch RG-4.0 is available from leading wholesalers and all machines are backed by a UK-based Service Centre. The BOSCH recovery machine range • BOSCH RG 4.0 • PROMAX RG 3000 • PROMAX MINIMAX • PROMAX RG 5410A See the full range of BOSCH products at www.diversitech. global or email our sales team at Recovery Rates (Max Capacity) PUSH / PULL 6.84 Kg/min 410.5 Kg/hr Liquid 2.03 Kg/min 122.1 Kg/hr Vapour 0.17 Kg/min 10.7 Kg/hr

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