ACR Journal

VOLUME 7 No4 JUNE/JULY 2021 ISSN 2058-4407 Essential Information for the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry CMYK / .aiCMYK / .ai CMYK / .ai NEW DATE!! 20/10/2021 2021 10th THE MIDLAND HOTEL MANCHESTER Lower CO equivalents and market-leading versatility Creating a sustainable future together: Determined to reduce our environmental footprint, we aim to be CO -neutral by . A circular economy, innovation and smart use are the stepping stones on our path. It is time to act, join us now! Designed for the future Reduced CO equivalent Life is more rewarding with the new VRV . Our new all-round performer covers all of your mini VRV applications in Daikin’s most sustainable solution. Maximum exibility allowing installation in rooms down to m² thanks to Shîrudo technology Top sustainability over the entire lifecycle thanks to low GWP R- refrigerant and market-leading real life seasonal e ciency Ergonomic serviceability and handling, thanks to wide access area so components can be reached easily within low-pro le single fan casing Best-in-class design versatility with ve sound pressure levels down to dB(A) and automatic ESP setting up to Pa allowing for ductwork Geared for comfort with intuitive online and voice controls plus a new class indoor unit for small rooms Flexibility to take care of every room

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