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WindFree™ technology enhances your indoor comfort by using thousands of micro-holes to disperse fresh air uniformlywithout any unpleasant blasts of cold wind. In WindFree™ mode, air is spread softly and silently, creating a ‘Still Air’ environment 1 that provides you total well-being day and night. AI Auto Comfort 2 introduces you to an intelligent way of living. It analyses your room conditions and usage patterns 3 , and then automatically adjusts the temperature. Temperatures can also be managed remotely using the SmartThings App 2 . Turning it on and off, selecting the cooling mode or scheduling its operation is just one touch away. Smart Operation WindFree™ Cooling Energy Efficiency Samsung’s compressorwith Digital Inverter Boost technology helps you to save on energy consumption 4 by cooling quicklywithout wasting energy, while keeping vibrations and noise levels to a minimum. The Motion Detect Sensor (MDS) cools your home efficiently by self-regulating the air conditioner’s activitywhen nobody is present. 1 ASHRAE (AmericanSocietyofHeating,Refrigerating,andAir-ConditioningEngineers)defines “StillAir”asaircurrentsatspeedsbelow0.15m/swhich lacks thepresenceofcolddrafts. 2 AWi-FiconnectionandSamsungSmartThingsapplicationaccountare required.Wi-FiKit tobe orderedseparately.Requires iOS10.0orlater&Android5.0orlater. 3 Storesuserdata,preferencesandusagepatterns tosuggest themostusefuloptions. 4 Energy labelsareaccording toEUNo626/2011 (LOT10) labelclassification2019,onascale fromD toA+++.ForthespecificEnergy labelperproduct,pleasecontactyourlocalSamsung representative. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 The front panel opens, and Fast Cooling mode cools the room quickly from corner to corner. The set temperature is reached in Fast Cooling mode, and the front panel closes. WindFree™ mode spreads fresh air uniformly through thousands of micro-holes. Comfortably cool. Surprisingly still. Samsung’s WindFree™ units use thousands of micro-holes to spread air evenly throughout the room, retaining a comfortable level of coolness without any draft.

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