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Energy efficiency strategies, procedures, investments, and behaviours are critical to the future success of energy intensive industries such as the cold chain. Increasing energy prices, carbon reduction policies, and tighter building regulations are just a few of the challenges facing the sector. 5 ways Hydratech can help your cold chain business save energy and money From the collection of raw materials and manufacturing - to storage, distribution and retail – Hydratech, the UK’s leading formulator of high-performance glycols and secondary refrigerants work in collaboration with the likes of Arla, Muller, Lidl and Alfred Bartlett, to identify fluid related energy saving opportunities. Key components of Hydratech’s energy efficiency program for the cold chain include: 1. Glycol Upgrade - Coolflow DTX retrofit Reducing energy consumption in the cold chain does not always require significant investment in new hardware, or expensive system modifications. Proven to reduce energy costs by >10% (as verified by Star Technical Services), Coolflow DTX is a revolutionary non- toxic secondary refrigerant, suitable for replacing propylene glycol in food and cold storage cooling systems. By retrofitting existing systems - moving from propylene glycol to Coolflow DTX, customers have reported considerable energy/CO² savings. Arla Foods has seen a 17% reduction in energy consumed. 2. Reducing capital expenditure cost (CAPEX) at concept design phase As well as utilising the performance benefits of Coolflow DTX, customers have designed their refrigeration systems with Coolflow DTX in mind, allowing them to make considerable savings in hardware and capital expenditure. Where DTX is specified at the design stage, savings can be achieved through downsizing of primary gas compressors, heat exchangers, circulation pumps & motors, and pipework diameter and length. 3. Monitoring glycol condition and concentration It is not uncommon for the maintenance of cold chain cooling systems to be overlooked. Under such circumstances various issues can develop, including advanced corrosion, biological fouling, and sediment formation. All of which will have a direct and negative impact on heat transfer efficiency, pumping performance and energy consumption. Hydratech’s in-house laboratory carries out analytical fluid testing, primarily microbiological and chemistry testing - to identify water contaminates, bacterial presence, water treatment levels or the make-up of elements. Selecting the correct type and concentration of glycol is essential. Too much glycol, or too high a % will cause system inefficiencies through reduced heat transfer ability and pumping capacity. Not enough glycol, or too low a % can lead to the expensive freeze-ups and susceptibility to biological fouling. 4. Fluid and system management - maximising the potential for optimised performance As refrigeration systems typically use between 60 to 85% of the energy in the temperature-controlled areas, correct maintenance and system condition is essential if system efficiency is to be optimised and operating costs are minimised. Hydratech Services delivers a fully integrated, holistic approach to process and hydronic systems management. This in-turn maximises the potential for optimised performance, reduced operational costs and significant return on investment gains. Hydratech’s office and site-based services include flushing and conditioning of systems, pre/post commissioning, fluid fill, PPM and long-term monitoring and maintenance. 5. Thermal optimisation - heat exchangers & heat transfer fluids By optimising the thermal interface between heat exchangers and heat transfer fluids, Hydratech (working in partnership with leading heat transfer specialists Alfa Laval) have helped leading cold chain businesses maximise thermal efficiency, reduce energy consumption, minimise CO 2 production and boost profitability. It is often possible to identify modifications, large and small, that would improve efficiency. For example, removing one or more plates to reduce pressure-drop and improve pumping efficiency. To find out more about how Hydratech can help your cold chain business improve system efficiency, reduce energy costs and maximise uptime, call Sam Hickson 01792 586800 or email: Volume 9 No.4 June | July 2023 ADVERTORIAL 20

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