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S&P UK LAUNCHES SUSTAINABLE VENTILATION FAN Ventilation manufacturer S&P UK has announced the launch of what it describes as its first-ever sustainable in-line ventilation fan, made from 85% recycled plastics. The energy-efficient TD EVO PF ECOWATT is said to continue the benefits of S&P UK’s existing TD range of in-line, mixed-flow duct fans with no changes in design, efficiency, or performance. The unit has also been awarded Quiet Mark certification, the internationally-recognised accreditation for low-noise products. “We’re excited and proud to be launching our first sustainable, energy-efficient in-line ventilation unit into the UK marketplace.” said S&P UK managing director Alex Finch. “Sustainability offers real opportunities for the HVAC manufacturing industry and we’re pleased to be taking the first step in this journey. “We’re delighted to be helping to establish the HVAC industry as a flagbearer for sustainability that makes a real, immediate and long-lasting difference. We pledge to continue to invest in leading research and development to further improve our green credentials and offer sustainable alternatives.” S&P UK is a leading fan, air movement and ventilation systems provider offering over 10,000 products along with technical sales support and consultancy. It is a subsidiary of Spanish owned S&P Group, whose global operations span over 90 countries and includes major R&D centres in Europe, Singapore, USA and Brazil. The Innovation Zone The guide to what’s new for ACR Journal readers, offering vital industry news. To advertise your product in ‘The Innovation Zone’ section please contact FERNOX ANNOUNCES DRIVE TO MORE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING Fernox has confirmed its water treatment products will now be packed in 265ml and 500ml bottles manufactured from 30% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is an important milestone for the company, which has long been committed to product innovation and energy efficiency of heating systems. To expand on these innovations, it is now also focusing on the environmental impact of product packaging. “Although the Fernox bottles will look and perform like our existing ones, the adoption of 30% recycled content will lower our overall use of virgin plastics,” explained Greg Banham, Sales Director from Fernox. “However, there is always more to do. Sustainability is a work in progress, and we are continuously looking to improve our efforts in supply chain, logistics and overall environmental impact.” For nearly 60 years, Fernox has led the market with non-hazardous chemical water treatments. Its in-house R&D capability has developed high-performance products which are ahead of legislative change while also considering environmentally responsible product ranges. Combined with Fernox TF1 precision engineered filters, Fernox water treatment is designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in both domestic and commercial heating systems. HUBBARD ADDS SUBMARINE RANGE Hubbard Systems is now supplying the Submarine blast freezer range from Friulinox. The multifunctional unit is capable of low temperature cooking functions, including sous vide, and can also be used for refrigerated storage and hot holding. The Submarine features a high-performance refrigeration system that can reduce the temperature of cooked foods from 90°C to 3°C in just 90 minutes, or freeze them to -18°C in four hours. This preserves the quality, texture, and taste of food products, ensuring that they remain fresh and safe to eat for longer periods. In addition to blast chilling and freezing, the Submarine is also capable of cooking products at temperatures up to 85°C. It can store products, chilled or frozen, and hot hold them, plus, it can safely thaw foods within a carefully controlled environment. Humidity and temperature are carefully modulated by an advanced airflow system that ensures conditions are the same throughout the interior of the cabinet. Programmed via an intuitive touchscreen control panel, the Submarine can store a range of fully customisable recipes that can be instantly recalled, and even synchronised across multiple units via Friulinox’s cloud feature. Constructed from sturdy, easy to clean stainless steel, the Submarine includes features like front accessible electronics and an evaporator positioned off the floor to make maintenance and repair simple. The Submarine is available in a range of capacities from compact models that can hold six trays up to the largest reach-in, which can handle 24 trays. For larger volumes there are roll-in units that can accept between one and four trolleys. HAMWORTHY UNVEILS NEW DORCHESTER STAINLESS STEEL WATER HEATER Hamworthy Heating is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Dorchester DR-SG range of stainless steel condensing water heaters with enhanced durability and large continuous outputs. The Dorchester DR-SG is available in 10 power outputs over three storage capacities and features a durable stainless-steel tank, heat exchanger and coil for enhanced performance, efficiency, and increased service life. Suitable for both renovation and new build projects, including locations with substantial and continuous hot water demands such as hotels and sports facilities, the Dorchester DR-SG meets all of the latest Building Regulations and offers significantly improved efficiency and performance when replacing a non-condensing water heater. Dorchester DR-SG water heaters are operated via the popular Siemens LMS mini controls platform. Featuring an intuitive digital control panel with a clear backlit LCD and a scroll wheel to navigate between different setting screens, LEDs are also incorporated into the user interface to enable quick and easy identification of any potential faults. The Dorchester DR-SG is supplied with a five-year warranty on the tank and a two-year warranty on the components. For more information, please visit: or call 01202 662 552. PRODUCTS & SERVICES 32 June | July 2023 Volume 9 No.4

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