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June | July 2021 02 E D I T O R / C O N T E N T S So here we are, the 2nd issue of Heat Pumps Today. This issue is jam packed with news, projects and articles providing some ‘top tips’ for installers. Despite the stop-start trials and tribulations of the Covid-affected 2020 and 2021, the retrofit at The Oxfordshire Golf Hotel and Spa has already seen its thermal energy demand reduced by a massive 93%. Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing for Grant UK takes a 9-step installation process, including but preparation which includes a full room by room heat loss calculation. Phil Hurley, Chairman of the Heat Pump Association, says “to see 600,000 heat pumps installed by 2028 in line with the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan, we need to see a rapid rise in the number of installers qualified to install the technology.” There are over 22 training centres across the HPA membership alone, providing the ability to train over 7000 installers per year. However, an overhaul of the training pathway to becoming a heat pump installer has been needed for some time. We’d like to focus much more on training in coming months. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts, what are you doing to prepare and/or how is your business contributing to ensuring training is at the forefront for installers. The heat pump industry is on a positive trajectory with innovation and interesting, never seen before projects. Are we doing enough to ensure that installations are done correctly? We don’t want to see any ‘negative press’ in coming months and years, damaging all the ‘good’ work that’s done. Do get in touch with your stories and updates with training and innovation. Juliet Loiselle, Editor. 12 20 24 26 IMPORTANT UPDATE: The National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards, being held in Manchester on the 20th October, has proved in such demand that the entry deadline has had to be moved forward. Please ensure this NEW DEADLINE is on your radar – 16th July 2021! 2021 10th

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