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Skills Are you an employer in the finishes and interiors sector that is considering recruiting people for your organisation? RECRUITING THE NEXT GENERATION 10 www.thefis.org I used ‘next generation’ in the headline to catch your eye. When I think about ‘next generation’ I think about people who are younger than I am, so that covers 16 to 64-year-olds and, to be fair, there cannot be any discrimination in the way organisations attract and recruit people. That said; society has developed along with workplaces and jobs and technological advances alone have brought communication speeds that the world has never had before. So, get your recruitment process wrong and a lot of people will get to know about it very quickly. So here are some suggestions to consider when your organisation is considering recruitment, it may be useful to apply the following steps: Step 1: Identify the organisation’s recruitment needs. This sounds easy and it can be as simple as “we need someone to do job A”, but what is job A? How long will your organisation need an individual to do job A?Where does the role for job A fit in your current organisational structure?What are the skills and knowledge needed for an individual to competently work in job A and be effective for the organisation? Does the role have legislativemandatory requirements? There are probably many more questions to ask particularly if you are George Swann, FIS Skills and Training Lead We have an industry to be very, very proud of. Turn to page 20 to see how a talented trainee workforce is shaping up to be part of a bright construction future.

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