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Advertorial www.thefis.org 15 Knauf Airless Spray Finishes offer a host of advantages for contractors. T HE principle behind spray finishes is simple: replace traditional hand-applied gypsum plaster with a simple-to-use spray finish applied directly to smooth surfaces such as plasterboard. The speed of application means that large areas are covered in a fraction of the time with the smooth finish needing less levelling and sanding after application. Site experience suggests that using a spray finish can knock two thirds off the time needed to finish interior walls. Knauf has been at the heart of developing high quality spray finishes and provides the training and back-up to introduce newcomers to the systems. Knauf Airless is applied using an Airless piston-pump machine – available for hire or purchase. The finish itself is made from crushed marble that is delivered ready-mixed. The combination of no on-site mixing and less sanding results in far less dust being produced on site, giving a much cleaner and safer environment to work in. Changing is easy It’s a radical change, but contractors who have used the system express surprise at how easy it is to adopt. James Evans, Director of Spray Pro Ltd, is typical: “We recently used Knauf Airless for the first time on a project in Mayfair. It is honestly one of the best we have used – it certainly provides a smoother finish and a cleaner look. We have had to do a lot less sanding and it simply dries a lot smoother. Knauf is definitely the way forward for us as a company.” The system was also specified for use throughout the interior of a £7m apartment building in Putney, South West London. The specification was made by main contractor Wates, primarily for the speed and ease of use. For subcontractors ASH Drywall, it was a first, so training provided by Knauf, both at its Sittingbourne training centre and on site was an essential part of the service. Early reservations about using an entirely new systemwere completely overturned and having completed this initial project ASH Drywall indicated that the company will be happy to tender with this product in the future. Environmental gains For Tom Hooper-Smith, Project Manager for Wates Construction, the environmental benefits of the system were significant reasons for specification. “Knauf Airless Ready-Mixed Finish produces little dust during application, as little or no sanding is required, meaning that the environment is safer and more comfortable for site workers. “The cherry on the top has to be that there is no waste from the product – any unused excess can be scraped back into the hopper – so it is both ecological and economical. It’s a win-win. I really do think it’s the way forward.” Tried, tested and approved by many specialist contractors, Knauf Airless Finish is fast becoming a first port of call for those looking for a consistent alternative to conventional plastering systems. Knauf offers training at its Learning Zones in both Sittingbourne, Kent, and Immingham, Lincolnshire. To find out more, email technical@knauf.co.uk or visit the Knauf technical webchat at www.knauf.co.uk . FASTER, EASIER, CLEANER Knauf Airless Finishes are supplied to site ready-mixed The Knauf training introduces newcomers to the Spray Finish system Knauf Airless Spray Finish is easy and clean to use

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