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Sustainability www.thefis.org 19 1. www.terrapinbrightgreen.com 2. https://tinyurl.com/4y6f7nc9 3. www.bregroup.com/insights/the-biophilic-office-putting-people-first/. product can lead to a reduction in waste. It is recognised that products that bring us closer to our connection to nature can also have a great impact. Biophilia 1 acknowledges that we are inherently connected to nature and that taking a more human-centered approach to the way we design spaces and choose products can have numerous benefits for occupants, such as reducing stress, increasing productivity, or enhancing creativity 2 . Relocatable biophilic partitioning John Cowdell, Compliance Officer at Komfort, explains their bi-block, biophilic partitioning system, Polar Kreate, which is precision engineered to be fully relocatable and interchangeable. A bi-block partitioning system, the system is available with a diverse range of interchangeable solid panels, available in steel, veneer, fabric, dry wipe, and antimicrobial finishes to complement or add contrast to the designed surroundings, allowing creativity to flourish and adaptability to take precedence. As mentioned precision engineered to be fully relocatable, puts sustainability at the forefront of its design. Delivering streamlined and efficient installation and encouraging adaptability in a workspace to meet future demands of the end user. The system complements, and fully integrates with the glazed Polar range. The system is manufactured off-site which maintains high levels of build quality and facilitates speed of installation on site. It is a partitioning system that can provide flexibility and adaptability by being moveable and interchangeable even in an office thereby allowing specifiers to achieve innovative design. Each panel gives an excellent acoustic performance up to 45dB The system’s panel modules can be interchanged from glass, laminate, timber, steel or fabric, and are compatible with Komfort’s Sonik, glazed and timber doors and all of the system’s panels are 100% recyclable at their factory. Biophilic options The biophilic design options within the system range allow the integration of full and partial living panels. The partial panels contain an interchangeable plant cassette system and full moss panels are available. Biophilic design can help reduce stress and improve cognitive function and creativity. It is proven that a vibrant welcoming environment has positive effects on the speed at which we work and improves mood. Studies show that employees who are exposed to plants within the workplace actively engage with their surroundings are more productive and have a more positive outlook at work. www.komfort.com It is important not to forget that buildings are, after all, created for humans to live in, work in or recreate. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, so it is inevitable that the choice of materials and the design of the space have an impact on our wellbeing 3 . Choosing products that have low VOC or that help reduce moisture can be beneficial. Breathable plasterboard Tom Robinson, founder of Adaptavate, and a former builder, discusses how they are manufacturing and developing healthier, low-carbon construction materials for the mainstream market. He said: “Significant investment has been secured to scale production of our carbon- absorbing plasterboard, Breathaboard, and our Breathaplasta plaster range. “We are currently building and commissioning our pilot line and will be producing a standard compliant product by the beginning of 2023. “We have developed a range of plasters that are high performing in a number of ways, but with the same installation time as regular plasters. Declarations will be published shortly.” Breathaplasta Universal’s absorbancy reduces the risk of mould and condensation, removing the need for energy-demanding ventilation and VOC-producing detergents. Tom said “This ties in with our mantra of a ‘fabric first approach for healthy people’ while being easy to install from the plasterer’s perspective. “We are building a community of construction contractors, plasterers and architects that understand that we need to build in a different way in the future, but in the same cost and time frames. The products are designed to breathe with people in our buildings but not cost the earth. www.adaptavate.com What FIS is doing FIS has set up a leadership group to enable the industry to become educated on the topic of sustainability. The group meets every 12 weeks or so to share experience and identify resources that the industry requires to better understand specific topics, which will, in turn, enable FIS members to become more competitive. One of the schemes that FIS is looking to explore is the development of a pre-cycle agreement between clients and manufacturers. Through the pre-cycle agreement, manufacturers will offer a guarantee that the products will not end up in landfill at the end of their useful life. But let’s not forget that the sustainability agenda is also driven by more and more people who simply care about the planet. The heat wave that the UK experienced in July has demonstrated that climate change was already happening and that we need to act fast. Bi-block, biophilic partitioning system Polar Kreate from Komfort Carbon-absorbing plasterboard, Breathaboard from Adaptavate

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