Potato Review

Call: 01307 840 551 E mail: potatoes@agrico.co.uk www.agrico.co.uk @agrico_uk Specialist breeder and supplier of high grade seed potatoes Say growth, say Agrico. PCN Pallida resistant & tolerant variety Performer Arsenal Move up in the world with Extendo 600 & 900 - Extending elevators Euro X - Standard elevators Inter-Store 600 & 900 - Single and double conveyors For further information on the Swift-Lift range contact your local Dealer, or Paul Johnson at: Terry Johnson Ltd Cranmore Lane, Holbeach, Lincs. PE12 7HT Tel: 01406 422286 Fax: 01406 426356 Elevators & Conveyors T D J High output, gentle handling and an excellent reputation for reliability and quality of manufacture make Swift-Lift elevators and conveyors your natural first choice Total Crop Nutrition Containing macro and micronutrients combined with naturally occuring kelp biostimulant Bio 20 Call 01526 396 000 Visit www.omex.co.uk @ OMEXCompanies / OMEXCompanies Plant growth stimulant, particularly in times of stress Boosts a wide range of nutrient levels Promotes a strong healthy plant, resulting in higher crop yield

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