Potato Review

46 POTATO REVIEW MAY/JUNE 2020 WEED CONTROL Eric said: “ e choice of partner products will depend on the weed spectrumpresent, but because applications are likely to be far earlier thanmost are used to, the weed picture is likely to be less than complete. ismeans growers will need detailed knowledge of the weeds present in their elds to informproduct selection.” While weed spectrum will in uence programme design, variety selection will limit product choice. “Once annual-meadow grass (AMG) passes two true leaves, neither Gozai or Shark will touch it. In cases where AMG presents a strong challenge then I would advocate Artist ( ufenacet + metribuzin). is would also give good control of cleavers,” Eric said. ““Residuals remain the best means of post-planting weed control and the most cost-e ective.” John Keer John Keer

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