ACR Journal FIELDPIECE ADDS TWO NEW LEAK DETECTORS Fieldpiece Instruments has added two new leak detectors to its range. Both the infrared and heated diode models claim high sensitivity, multiple refrigerant detection and audible alarms, as well as a flashing lighted tip for an easy visual indicator.   The infrared DR82EUR is said to give technicians superior sensitivity in the field - <1 gram per year. To pinpoint the leak, the user sweeps the area with the detector, resulting in the unit sensing a change in refrigerant levels so the user doesn’t have to manually change the sensitivity. Fieldpiece says the DR82EUR has the most consistent leak detection across all refrigerants, making it easy for the technician to locate the leak in any situation. The new DR58EUR, meanwhile, has a heated diode sensor that is very sensitive to CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, HFOs, and blends, delivering sensitivity better than 1 gram per year. A USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the DR58EUR for up to 18 hours on a single charge.  Bas Kamermans, general manager EMEA at Fieldpiece, said: “Finding and fixing leaks on a system not only helps eliminate the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere, it is another way to make sure charge related problems are minimized between scheduled maintenance calls. We now offer the best infrared and heated diode leak detectors in the industry” SAMSUNG WELCOMES MORE EFFICIENT DVM S2 Samsung has officially launched the latest version of the Digital Variable Multi (DVM) S2 VRF range for commercial applications, following an initial announcement at its 2021 Climate Solutions Day in January. The sixth generation of the DVM range offers seasonal energy efficiency ratio up to 7.5 and AI control capabilities designed to optimise climate conditions. The DVM S2 range is compatible with Samsung’s WindFree products and can be connected to up to 64 indoor devices, while the manufacturer says it allows for enhanced installation flexibility and serviceability. Xavier Feys, vice president at Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe, said: “Samsung aims to contribute in every way possible to global efforts towards making climate neutrality a reality in the coming decades – particularly with regards to energy consumption. We are constantly innovating and developing solutions to support the much- needed change to cleaner and greener energy, while also improving the wellbeing of those using our products.’’ The current DVM S line-up remains the same, ranging from Essential to Standard and High Efficiency, but will be replaced by the new generation models. Availability differs per market. AERMEC INTRODUCES NON-FLAMMABLE OPTION Aermec is making its WFGN and WFGI water-cooled chillers and heat pumps available with the option of using R515B, a lower GWP HFO refrigerant with an A1 non-flammable classification. Both series were originally developed with optimised compressors and heat exchangers, enabling them to use R1234ze, a low GWP A2L (mildly flammable) refrigerant and achieve a higher SEER value. But following extensive R&D, customers can now use R515B, which is a non-flammable option to R1234ze. R515B is an azeotropic combination of R1234ze and small amounts of R227ea which suppresses the flammability. Tests confirm that R515B can achieve similar performance compared to R1234ze which both the WFGN and WFGI were originally designed for. Aermec’s WFGN chiller offers cooling capacities ranging from 489kW -1455kW with heating capacities from 545kW-1601kW. Hot water can be produced up to 55°C and chilled water down to -8°C. The WFGI series offers cooling capacities in the range of 670kW - 2406kW, with heating capacities ranging from 741kW - 2664kW. The WFGI can produce hot water up to 65°C and cooling down to -8°C. Both are designed for indoor installation and suitable for large sized services in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. PORTABLE AIRPUR FROM S&P Ventilation specialist S&P UK has launched a new range of portable air purifiers to help minimise the spread of airborne infections. The Airpur line-up of portable HEPA filter air purifiers claim a filtration efficiency of up to 99.5 per cent. The units are aimed at premises that do not have adequate ventilation systems, or companies with facilities or spaces that lack advanced ventilation systems. Lee Page, sales director at S&P UK, said: “Before Covid, air pollution was identified as one of our greatest public health threats, but a silver lining of the pandemic is that indoor air quality – where we spend 80 per cent of our time – has now become a major national talking point. “It’s also been proven that poor indoor air quality encourages the transmission of infectious diseases and so in response to the pandemic, we have developed a new range of stand-alone air purifiers which are highly efficient at trapping viruses and bacteria to significantly improve levels of indoor air quality in many settings to help keep customers and staff safe “Air purifiers are viable options for businesses that do not want to, or cannot, invest significant sums in a sophisticated ventilation system or retrofit without severe disruption.” The guide to what’s new for ACR Journal readers, offering vital industry news. 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