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12 OCTOBER 2020 LP Open in association with Patchings Art Centre We have great pleasure in presenting the award-winning paintings in this year’s Leisure Painter Open exhibition  Search Press Awards Susan Welsby No Ketchup! , watercolour, 30 x 22in. (76 x 56cm). Susan has been painting on and off for 20 years, taking a variety of workshops both in the UK and USA. ‘It was only when I met American artist, Anne Abgott, that I really started to appreciate watercolour and began to understand how colours work together and the significance of tonal values in a painting. I had always been a wishy-washy painter until then. Now I like to paint using vibrant colours. I have won awards in the USA, achieved Signature status with Southern Watercolor and exhibited at the American Watercolor Society show.  ‘I knew I had to paint No Ketchup! as soon as I saw my photograph, taken from a tour bus in Philadelphia. I like to flip through the photos on my iPad and every now and again one will shout out at me. I enhance my photos in various apps to get the composition and colours that I feel are right for that particular subject.’ Great Art Award Elizabeth Elsworth Light on the Valley , pastel, 13¾ x 17¾in. (35 x 45cm)  Colart/Winsor & Newton Awards Russell Edwards iPad-Free Zone , oil, 11¾ x 9¾in. (30 x 25cm). Russell retired from teaching five years ago with the intention of dedicating his free time to improving his drawing and painting skills. ‘Work really does have a negative impact on what you want to do with your life,’ he says. ‘I have a passion for painting the human form and especially portraits, and I am always aspiring to paint in a realistic manner. This piece more or less embodies everything that inspires me to paint: Holly, one of my grandchildren, is the model; she has a natural pose; and bright sunlight accentuates certain features and details. The fact that Holly was so engrossed in the book she was reading was the inspiration for the title.’ Your time to vote! View all the exhibition and highly commended work on our website at and follow the links to TALP Open. Please don’t forget to vote for your favourite paintings for our People’s Choice Awards; the closing date is 11 September.  Leisure Painter Award John Jarratt Early Sun at Marford Allotments , oil, 13½ x 25¼in. (34 x 64cm). ‘The winning picture originated when I woke one January to find that an overnight fall of wet snow had quite altered the landscape. Knowing the snow would be gone by midday, I dashed out and, buzzing around the local scenery, I took 30 or so images of the effects of snow. From those shots I have produced around 20 pictures so far and will possibly get another ten in the future. Most sold, I am happy to say, and this one has beaten all of them thanks to the Leisure Painter judges. ‘In the following years I often went back to the allotments in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire and worked there (with permission from the authorities, of course) and found a lot of enjoyment in sketching and painting it. I work en plein air but find that my best paintings appear in the studio, working from sketches, a bunch of photos and a remembrance of what had caught my notice in the first place.’ Open Competition 2020

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