Potato Review

*All formulas and calculations are derived from industry suppliers and MCS guidelines, it is advisable to have the calculations and formulas checked by a certifed mechanical engineer, and as such, Calibrate Inc. ltd (Co mpany # 08277206) will not be held liable fo r any incorrect formulas or calculations or any a ccidental misrepresentation. Potato storage shed Air reaches 1.5°c after passing through the new Calibrate Heat exchanger 1.5°c air to Chill potatoes in storage Air enters at 3.0°c For an informal chat on what your future income could be call: 01668 215 544 www.calibrateenergy.co.uk Intelligent Hands O Heatpump Systems www. calibrat e energy.co.uk How it works – example of Heat / Chill for Potato Storage: Calibrate Heat Exchanger Existing Chiller System Potato Boxes The Heatpump Heats the grading shed & simultaneously Chills the potato store. Heatpump Heat / Chill by the Experts in Energy Engineering Turn your investment into an income with a Heatpump Heat / Chill system from Calibrate and enjoy a ‘Hands Off’ Heatpump solution from the energy engineering experts. A Calibrate control system manages a revolutionary Heat / Chill process. The Heatpump is located in a customised plant room delivered to site ready to use. A bespoke controller operates the technology via a cloud based system enabling Calibrate to monitor all aspects of the process and tariff generation meters online. 3.1mWHeatpump Heat / Chill System £350,000 * RHI annual income 3-5 £6,346,654 * income over 20 years after the payback period* years payback *The above figures are for guidance only and should not be taken as a final figure.The income derived from an RHI based system is dependent on many factors and is not guaranteed. Start Earning and Saving with a Calibrate Heat / Chill System: This system currently qualifies for the highest Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff. By Heating the workshop and grading shed, you have your potatoes Chilled by the GSHP’s by- product that is Chilled water, for free. A bespoke controller operates the Heat / Chill solution via a cloud based system enabling Calibrate to monitor all aspects of the process and tariff generation meters online. This system is independent from your existing refrigeration giving you 100% back up. Designed in the UK by Heatpump and refrigeration engineers. “Calibrate created an innovative design that reduced fossil fuel costs and streamlined our systems and processes. It is great to see that this design was seen to fruition with great communication, I would happily recommend Calibrate.” Tom Cargill Coldstream Farm Laurencekirk, Aberdeen The Highland Show ECHNICAL NOVATION WARD2017 Silver TECHNICAL INNOVATION AWARD 2019 The Highland Sh ow 20yr All inclusive warranty available

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